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At Invetsa, we are always on the lookout to provide you with the best solutions for the internal care of pets, with the aim of improving their performance and taking care of their health.


¿What is Catit and what is its function?

Catit scratchers help kittens to fulfill their basic instinct and need to be able to scratch non-stop, avoiding ruining furniture and home decorations.

Also, Catit scratchers help cats relax and trim their nails.


Why do Catit scratchers stand out? 

Scratchers with a wild charm

Instantly brighten up your living space or kitty’s room with our wildlife themed scratching posts.

Scrapers with 2×1 designs

Cat it scratchers have special 2-in-1 designs that consist of not one but two scratchers in case you have more than one cat at home.



Giraffe Scratching Posts

Cat it’s giraffe-shaped scratching posts are ideal for when your cat needs to fully stretch their joints, as they can easily lie down or stand up against the wall or sofa.



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