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At Invetsa, we are always attentive to providing the best solutions for the internal care of pets, with the aim of protecting all stages of life of dogs and cats. That’s why, together with IDEXX, we promote hematology analysis to prevent future diseases.


What is ProCyte One and how does it work? 

ProCyte One is a clinical hematology analyzer that has integrated a revolutionary technology that allows to obtain quality results in terms of laboratory analysis.


What are their characteristics?

ProCyte One is characterized by the following aspects:


Accurate results 

Thanks to its high-definition laser, it enables accurate reference lab-quality results, which can be displayed in dot plots to provide a visual representation of the complete blood count.

Effortless fast operations 

Streamlined workflow in less than 5 minutes thanks to innovations like our Smart QC™ automatic quality control and load-and-run components.

Cell classification in 5 dimensions 

It has precise sensors that detect information from different angles to increase the accuracy of cell characterization.

Built-in tools and expert support 

IDEXX offers an integrated platform of advanced technology, specialized tools and resources to help you interpret your results and decide on next steps.


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