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At Invetsa, we are on the lookout to provide you with the best solutions on the market, taking into account new scientific advances, in order to protect and optimize the development of your animals.


What is Mycofix Plus 5.Z and what are its benefits? 

Mycofix Plus 5.Z is a mycotoxin inactivator that provides state-of-the-art mycotoxin risk management for breeding animals and their progeny.

1.- Combats a wide spectrum of mycotoxins (zearalenone, fumonisins, trichothecenes, ochratoxin A, aflatoxins and emerging mycotoxins).

2.- Better and faster protection against ZearalenoneZEN zyme.

3.- The only ingredients patented and authorized by the European Union to adsorb aflatoxins and biotransform trichothecenes, fumonisins and zearalenone into non-toxic metabolites.

4.- Better Bioprotection, thanks to an innovative blend of natural ingredients that prevents the immunosuppressive effects of mycotoxins and endotoxins.


How does Mycofix Plus 5.Z work? 

The product uses three modes of action: (adsorption, biotransformation and bioprotection) to provide absolute protection against mycotoxins.

Adsorption: The mineral adsorbents that are part of the toxin binder bind selectively to adsorbable mycotoxins such as aflatoxins.

Biotransformation: A unique combination of specific patented enzymes and biological components that convert mycotoxins into metabolites that are non-toxic, but safe for the environment.



The first and only purified enzyme that rapidly, specifically and irreversibly degrades zearalenone into non-toxic, non-estrogenic metabolites.


The only purified enzyme that specifically and irreversibly degrades fumonisins (FUM) into non-toxic metabolites.

Biomin BBSH 797® 

The microorganism that biotransforms trichothecenes (deoxynivalenol) into harmless metabolites.

Biomin MTV® 

The proprietary yeast strain produces specific enzymes that convert Ochratoxin A to non-toxic substances.



Biomin Bioprotection Mix is ​​an innovative blend of natural ingredients that protects against immune system weakness and reduced performance caused by emerging endotoxins and mycotoxins. The mixture supports the immune system and the liver and strengthens the intestinal barrier and tight junctions in the presence of mycotoxins.


Mycofix Plus 5.Z with ZEN zyme improves:

  • The number of piglets per female pigs
  • Male fertility and semen quality
  • The integrity of the reproductive system (prevention of prolapse)
  • calving rate
  • The overall zootechnical performance


Why is Mycofix Plus 5.Z a revolution against mycotoxins?

Mycofix Plus 5.Z represents Biomin’s greatest advance in mycotoxin management in more than 40 years of research on this toxic substance.

In addition to the already known products of the Mycofix line , this product comes to protect your animals in the most critical phases of the production process, through exclusive components approved by the European Union.

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