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As is now everyone’s custom, last Wednesday, July 19, the Fourth Veterinary Session of Invetsa was held.

Image: start of the Fourth Invetsa Veterinary Session.

This time, the appointment was at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Chacarilla, where we managed to gather more than 160 attendees who enjoyed an educational and enriching talk. This was in charge of Dr. Ricardo Martínez, who with a lot of instruction exposed the topic: “Kidney disease: knowing the enemy to face it”.

Image: attendees listening to Dr. Ricardo Martínez speak about kidney disease.

The event, as usual, was a resounding success thanks to the participation of numerous professionals, students and interested parties, who took advantage of a coffee break to share experiences and ideas from the pet health sector.

In addition, we took advantage of the meeting to raffle Frontline spray and Hair & Derme packages among all the participants.